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‘Stand your ground’ cited in shooting of whiny Little Caesars Pizza customer

See, none of this would have been a problem if everyone just carried guns because then a 3rd patron could have shot the 2nd patron for pulling a gun on the 1st patron and then the cashier could have shot the 3rd guy. All without more than 1 or 2 bystanders caught in the crossfire. Problem solved! I don’t get why liberals can’t see this!

Jabba The Hutt snowman


This will sound trite but that’s ok.

Last night Oskar was annoying the living shit out of me. Just jumping around, jumping on me and on furniture, making a lot of noise and generally wreaking havoc. (Never try to read a book when there’s a child around. They’re like cats… “Oh, you’re looking at something? I will lay on it for you.” Only kids have opposable thumbs so other times it’s “Oh, you’re looking at something? I will grab it from you and throw it over there and then scream and laugh in your face and perhaps spit! HeeHEEEE!”)

Anyway after Oskar finally fell asleep (before midnight, actually! an accomplishment at our house), lying next to him I felt bad because I hadn’t been playing with him or paying as much attention as I should/could have. I felt guilty for being so annoyed and for yelling at him. For chrissake, he’s just being a 4-year-old. That’s what they do. There will be a time — before I know it — when he won’t even want to be around me. Yeah kids are exhausting but I need to spend all the time I can with these little blokes especially now when they’re little and I can manipulate their minds… (jk) If not, one day I will be filled with regret.

Now today… This happens. I can’t even begin to imagine what those parents are going through…

I’m so fucking sad…

There is nothing to be said.

And there’s the problem in a nutshell.

Some facts.

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