Oskar quotes of the day

“Dad, when I was little I just ate WAY too much food then I just grew up really really fast. Right?”

“I LOVE that toothpaste. Remember I used to use that before I was born?”

Graphic: if U.S. land were divided like U.S. wealth…

Unsettling photo of the day…

[ source: Jonathan Kane : www.facebook.com/JonathanKaneArt]

Iraq, 10 years later…

They forgot 4+ million refugees driven out of their own country. And a stronger Iran. And more anti-American sentiment. And, oh that’s right, YOU INVADED A COUNTRY THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH TERRORISM. Oh well. You did your best, George! So much better than this inexperienced Kenyan guy… (Psst… Did you know his middle name is “Hussein”??!!…)

Hey! I have that same tattoo!

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