SPAM #666

and green vegetables in it were Belgian and the peas American.
are! I am so straightforward that I shall have no chance with you.”
across to Africa. There he fell foul of Bluff Number Two. Sturdee did
again I shall see the faces of a Belgian bread-line. They blot out the
ambulance with them to England, where they wish nothing so much
armour from the barbette and climbed up through an opening which
allow a carload of wheat to keep a carload of soldiers from reaching
and so do my countrymen. I begin to enjoy my hate. It is one of the
adding, as if to put him in full possession of her reasons: “It
At intervals, just as in the military zone in France, sentries stopped us
all those cleanly, well-behaved men in khaki are a part of the
agree. Good war is to have millions of shells and vast reserves ready

Ah, it’s like poetry. Poetry that tries to sell you Viagra.

Now THAT’S Post-Modern!

(But, then, I should really just shut my bloody trap. Shouldn’t I.)

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