The Queen of Understood (SPAM)

He want me for! He’s a man bolton, said the doctor, manner,
not a trace of it i wish there was, for you predate them,
you must never, neverah, qu’estce done.’ ‘what! Bring the
dead to life?’ ‘no but doors and windows were rambling,
though the frames from an old sailor standing by his boat,
‘how the same frivolous gossip over blighted human we have
not, it is true, ascended the plateau, poirot. ‘is it pierrot?’
‘yes,’ we all cried. Dear, only one thing could result i
see that. He often spoke of the sloppy dressing of dr. Mcganum
close to him and seized his arm. You promised, let me bear.
upon this banner let the queen of understood the question.
oh yes, mrs. Banks. All patriot! Yes, i heard you talking
to sam clark.

Don’t know why, but I am endlessly amused by these.

(But, then, I should really just shut my bloody trap. Shouldn’t I.)

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