Why the tax returns matter

How a person manages their own finances reflects on how they would manage the finances of our country. They tell you what a candidate stands to gain, and lose, from a variety of policies — like changes to our tax code. They tell you about a person’s ethics, their priorities, and their commitment to transparency.

[Romney’s] 2010 release raises more questions than it answers:

Why did Romney keep millions of dollars in a Swiss bank account? Why does he have a shell corporation in Bermuda? As voters, we shouldn’t just be curious. We should be outraged about this. Because you know that as Romney vetted his new running mate, Paul Ryan, he asked for several full years of disclosure on his financial history. And when you play by two sets of rules before you even make it into office, it doesn’t bode well for what’s to come.

–Jim Messina, Obama campaign manager

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