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“Dad my boot looks like a brain.”

Man Protests Sandy Hook Shooting By Cutting Up His NRA Card (VIDEO)

Since the brutal and tragic shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school, the nation has been in a state of turmoil. There are some, including the NRA and some gun lovers, who blame everything but guns and see the tragedy as a reason to bring more guns into the world. Others, including somelifelong NRA supporters, have said ‘enough is enough.’

“PARANORMAN From The Makers Of Coraline” : )

The Google Doodle today is cute. #BrothersGrimm

Would you know atheist discrimination if you saw it?

Discrimination against nonbelievers in America is so overt and widespread that most of us are completely desensitized to it.

If these preachers and politicians directly attacked Hindus, Jews, or Muslims the way they attack atheists-humanists, they would be quickly called out for their hateful prejudice. So why should their anti-secular venom be tolerated?

Let’s be clear about something: Huckabee, Dobson, Gingrich and company, with very little ambiguity, are claiming that those who live without God-belief are directly or indirectly responsible for violence and moral decline. This is discriminatory, contrary to the pluralistic values of modern society, and provably false.…

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