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Oskar says: “It’s chicken soup. It’s for chickens to eat.”

Why is Google dropping Google Reader & RSS? The answer is obvious.

This “killing off” of Google Reader and Chrome RSS AddOn is pretty blatantly an attempt to drive people to use Google+ for everything.

It makes sense. Honestly I haven’t used RSS for years, and was surprised so many people still do. I suspect most people get their news and information “feeds” through Twitter and/or Facebook at this point anyway. And unless G+ can compete with those services, it is not likely to survive.

Sometimes I really do hate this country…

Read the comments on this article, if you have a strong stomach. Yet another example of the subhuman racist filth infecting this country. And another reason why I will always stick up for Obama.

(No, he’s never been perfect, but people on the left who berate him constantly really piss me off. I think they’re in this bubble and forget what kind of ignorant armies he’s been up against since day 1. Hey progressives, Obama is not the enemy — these people are the enemy.)

Ok, that’s all. Good night.

Roman Colosseum carved into human tooth. (Guess everybody needs a hobby…)

[ source: Jonathan Kane ]

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