Doll paintings with disfigured alien faces

Izumi Kato’s Paintings Of Angelic Dolls On The Verge Of Breaking Apart

Justin Giger

Justin Giger.

Created by Hudson Hongo

Corporate Executives Climbing Shoe

This looks like something I would make…



Giornale Nuovo: Greetings from…

Giornale Nuovo: Greetings from…

Occasionally, printers will run disposable sheets of paper through the press several times in order to fine-tune the press, or to clean the rollers. The resulting “setup sheets” often display random overlays of images and type from various unrelated print jobs.

A great resource for those of us who cannot afford a real Rauschenberg, setup sheets have long been admired and collected by graphic artists for the happy incidents that adorn them. In fact, certain recent designs could be described as software-assisted attempts to recreate that fortuitous look. Here are some examples from my collection, which I hope you will enjoy.


caravaggio-venezia postcard01 postcard02 postcard03 postcard04 postcard05
(But, then, I should really just shut my bloody trap. Shouldn’t I.)