Inspirational: “The Waiting Place” by @dcurtis . Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Seuss’s real name was Theodore Geisel. He used the pseudonym “Seuss”–his middle name–because he was waiting until he possessed the talent and experience necessary to write, as he put it, “the next great American novel.” That novel never materialized, but Geisel spent his life writing the most popular and significant children’s books in history. It would be hard to call his career anything but an incredible success. But he was always waiting. He was waiting for himself to become a “serious” writer, which he would never become.

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Poster for “Alien” – Polish version.

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Google+ : 2 different designs, 2 different error messages. Well done!

The parrots are awesome. Could use 3 or 4 more fonts, though…

These emails are slightly hard to read when the images aren’t loaded…

I guess they’re not overly concerned with blind people. But then blind people don’t eat ice cream.

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