So we have our first female presidential nominee. We should all be happy about that. And I am happy.


A couple things…

1.) As an ardent Bernie supporter, I will of course support and vote for Hillary. This guy puts it well:

Clinton and Sanders and the End of the Road

2.) Having said that, I wish Hillary had dropped out. And the argument put forth by all of the Hillary supporters (who, by the way, are just as biased and belligerent as Bernie supporters, in my experience) — “If you don’t support Hillary then Trump will win and it’ll be all your fault!” — is both sad and untrue. It’s sad because it’s basically just the same old “Don’t vote for the candidate you support, vote for the candidate we tell you to! You have to pick the lesser of two evils!” canard. (Gee. I’m inspired.) And it’s untrue because all polls — plus some logic and common sense — show that Sanders is the much stronger candidate against Trump, and would have a much easier time defeating him than Clinton would.


polls trump vs bernie or hillary
2016 General Election: Trump vs. Sanders


– Many Independents Will Vote For Bernie but Not For Hillary
– Hillary is a Very Powerful Primary Candidate Because of Her Strong Support In the South, but this Actually Works Against Her In the General Election
– Some Republicans Will Vote for Bernie, but Hillary Clinton is Universally Hated Among GOP Voters
– Many Republicans Who Do Not Like Trump Will Still Vote For Him If Hillary Is the Democratic Nominee
– A High Percentage of Lifetime Democrats Refuse to Vote for Clinton

Perhaps equally important, a high voter turnout means that we can also begin to take back control of The House and Senate, so that the next President will not have their hands tied the way that Obama did.

I encourage you to read through this whole piece, which lays all this out in some detail:

Hillary or Bernie? Let Trump Decide!

So why aren’t Hillary supporters to blame for increasing the likelihood of a Trump presidency? Why didn’t Hillary supporters call for her to drop out so we could all “unify” and unite behind the best candidate and the one most likely to defeat the Republican candidate? How is it that Hillary and her supporters are not seen as self-interested and putting their candidate over the good of the party and the country? … I’ll hold my breath waiting for the answer.

Meanwhile, let’s hope Hillary doesn’t get indicted. (I don’t really think it will happen. But that fact that we even have to be concerned about this is…

Yes. It’s sad.

“Barack Hussein Obama is the most dangerous man on the planet” elected by “left wing hate”…

Oh god… How are these people even smart enough to use a computer?… Maybe I need to take a break from the internets for a while. I need to pretend these people don’t exist — for the sake of my own sanity…

300+ Electoral Votes!

I think they should give you this sticker as well… #vote

Vote Romney 2012 – He’s White!

This is shameful & Orwellian reporting — a new low, even for FOX.

Fox Botches Report On Decision To Uphold Early Voting In Ohio

A play about Ohio early voting, in three acts.

ACT ONE: In 2004, massive lines at the polls caused tens of thousands of Ohioans to be unable to vote, in a historically close election. Pictured is such a line from 2004.

ACT TWO: Ohio institutes broad early voting, which in 2008 and 2010 alleviates the early voting mess of 2004 without disenfranchising anyone. The days just before the election have the highest turnout percentages.

ACT THREE: Republicans move to restrict early voting specifically in the three days before the election except for military voters and those overseas. Fox News takes up the baton, and shamelessly calls any effort to keep early voting to all as an attack on military voters, who everyone agrees should be able to vote.

Flashforward to today, when early voting is upheld for everyone, Fox went down still lying to itself and its viewers:

SCOTT: Ohio’s voting laws are going to be changing, it would appear. There was an early voting program voted in by the state of Ohio for military members and their families. They were to be allowed to vote early. The Democrats and the Obama campaign asked that that be blocked. They, for whatever reason, did not want military families and military members voting extra early. A couple of lower courts blocked the law — again, at the request of the Obama campaign and state Democratic officials. Now it’s gone to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is going along with that block.
So in FOX Land, this wasn’t the Republicans abusing their power in order to deliberately disenfranchise people and make it more difficult to vote. It was the Democrats and Obama trying to prevent military people from voting. Riiiiight. Got it.

Pathetic and disgraceful.