Now Gmail is trying to tell me who I should “consider including” in an email? WTF?

The only way this could be more annoying: if there was a little animated paper clip icon saying it…

“It looks like you’re emailing your wife. Would you also like to include your brother and sister? I think you should. They’re probably interested in what you have to say, also. Consider including your mother as well. You never write her. Would you like me to do a little dance while you write your email? Just let me know. I’m here to help. I won’t bug you anymore — I’ll just be over here. You just pretend like I’m not here. Go ahead, I’ll shut up now. Just gonna let you write your email. Don’t mind me. *whistles* *hums* *taps foot* You done with your email yet? Can I help you write it? There are some spelling and grammar errors — I will just fix those for you automatically. I am here to make your life easier! I am Clippy! I can read your mind! I watch what you do and make suggestions based on your past behavior! … Hey, where are you going? … Ok, bye. I’ll just finish your email for you. I’ll just go ahead and send it to whoever I think it would be best for you to send it to. ‘m-K? ‘M-k.”