Why is Google dropping Google Reader & RSS? The answer is obvious.

This “killing off” of Google Reader and Chrome RSS AddOn is pretty blatantly an attempt to drive people to use Google+ for everything.

It makes sense. Honestly I haven’t used RSS for years, and was surprised so many people still do. I suspect most people get their news and information “feeds” through Twitter and/or Facebook at this point anyway. And unless G+ can compete with those services, it is not likely to survive.

The Google Doodle today is cute. #BrothersGrimm

Cell phones : before the #Apple #iPhone & after. #JustSayin

Jury Awards $1 Billion to Apple in Samsung Patent Case

Jo Yong-Hak/Reuters

A Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone, left, and an Apple iPhone 4.

Design decisions at Apple vs Google – The Auteur vs. the Committee

“AT Apple, one is the magic number.

One person is the Decider for final design choices. Not focus groups. Not data crunchers. Not committee consensus-builders. The decisions reflect the sensibility of just one person: Steven P. Jobs, the C.E.O.

By contrast, Google has followed the conventional approach, with lots of people playing a role. That group prefers to rely on experimental data, not designers, to guide its decisions.

The contest is not even close. The company that has a single arbiter of taste has been producing superior products, showing that you don’t need multiple teams and dozens or hundreds or thousands of voices.


Archive of all the old Google logo “doodles.” #quaint

It’s kind of amusing to look back at all the old Google logo doodles and how they’ve progressed over the years — you can view them all here.

In the meantime, the amazing Les Paul guitar player/recorded logo is still up today — go check it out if you haven’t yet.

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