This #Thanksgiving be thankful you weren’t born in the 17th century…

The invitations went out and the pumpkin pies were baked and Massasoit, with ninety followers, attended the first Thanksgiving in the fall of 1621. The guests brought five deer. The hosts provided fresh bread, roast duck, goose, and wine. (One drunk Englishman started going on about how Obama wanted to take away everyone’s right to own an assault rifle but he soon passed out and was heard from no more.) Believe it or not, turkey was not mentioned by a single eyewitness.

Of course, the Pilgrim’s survived hard times and thrived. (This is why NFL players still point to the sky when they score touchdowns.) Even troubles with tribes beyond Massasoit’s control could not break English spirits. When a sachem named Wituwamat threatened them the Pilgrims took quick action. The chief and three followers were invited into the settlements to talk. There, without warning, Captain Myles Standish and his soldiers fell upon them and cut them to pieces. Then they chopped off Wituwamat’s head and spiked it atop their fort wall. It remained there for years, but apparently did not spoil anyone’s appetite at future Thanksgiving dinners.

So, there you have it. The story of the First Thanksgiving, with details added. Tomorrow, thank God for your blessings. And be thankful that you weren’t born in the seventeenth century. May you all digest your turkey in peace and harmony.


“Tuberculosis Pavilion” : quarantine zone, leper colony and centre for drug addicts

For whatever reason I find these photos not just fascinating but incredibly beautiful. (It’s partly the subject matter — the structures and objects themselves and their somewhat mysterious history — and partly just the brilliance of the photographer.)

Also: I have to say that “Tuberculosis Pavilion” would make an excellent band name… : )


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Amazing work.

Be sure to check out Ian Ference’s photoblog “The Kingston Lounge” on historic modern ruins. “Guerrilla preservation, urban archaeology, documentary and art photography accompanied by historical context.”

Cosmic calendar. (What I wanna know is, what happens next year?…) [ via @d_lofi ]


(Also: where do Adam & Eve fall on this timeline?… Just curious.)