Oh, ok, so I just wait 75 days and then I can watch the movie I bought? Sounds great! WTF, #apple @iTunes ???!!! FAIL.

Oh, ok, so I just wait 75 days and then I can watch the movie I bought? Sounds great!

No idea why all of a sudden this started happening (I didn’t “associate” the computer with a different Apple ID), but apparently this has been a known issue for years, since June 2011.

Google search:

I guess the intent was to prevent piracy ( ) but both in concept and implementation this is a horrific user experience fail. Beyond embarrassing.

Simple solution instead of this malarkey: if you try to play or download something that was purchased with a different Apple ID, you are asked to enter the user name / password for the Apple ID used to purchase the item.

I also just learned this:

“Movies rented on your Apple TV are not transferable to any other device and can only be viewed on your Apple TV.” ( )

Fucked up. I love my Apple TV but honestly this is so absurd that I might ditch it and find an alternative…

It’s funny, I just read this article yesterday:

Maybe I’ve been cursed with the Zeldman Curse?!… NOOOOO!!!…

Has iTunes always had this menu for playing to AppleTV? (If so, I feel stupid…)

This is one of the new features I thought looked really great in Apple’s upcoming OS release Mountain Lion ( ) — but honestly I only see myself using that feature for videos anyway, so iTunes already does what I need. Nice.

(Still don’t get why QuickTime Player doesn’t have the same option, though. Strange… In the meantime, that’s what Air Video is for : Apple should really just buy Air Video and make it part of iOS as well as Mac OS. It is quite possibly the greatest app ever.)

Boo Apple. (Guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but still: Boo.)