The Emerging Cosmology of Oskar Hansen, Age 5

Last week Oskar was looking at Google Earth and asking “where’s the other planets?”

Me: “They only have Earth. That’s the only one they have mapped.”

Oskar: “But where’s the aliens?”

Just now:

Oskar: “Dad, where are we, are we inside the moon?”

Me: “No, we’re on the earth.”

Oskar: “You mean inside it?”

Me: “No, we’re not inside it, we’re on the outside, on top of it.”

“No, we’re INside it. You’re lying, dad. You’re not telling the truth.”

Oskar quotes of the day

“Dad, when I was little I just ate WAY too much food then I just grew up really really fast. Right?”

“I LOVE that toothpaste. Remember I used to use that before I was born?”

Oskar says: “It’s chicken soup. It’s for chickens to eat.”

Oskar’s latest JibJab : X-Ray Skull Zombie Party

How this came about… Oskar wanted to know why there are these bumps on his wrists, so I showed him pictures of wrist bones. He wanted to use the skeleton hands for faces (???) — this was… beyond surreal. Then he decided to just do X-Ray heads instead of hands. <3

(But now it’s not even funny, just creepy… Haha. Oh well.)

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