Oh, ok, so I just wait 75 days and then I can watch the movie I bought? Sounds great! WTF, #apple @iTunes ???!!! FAIL.

Oh, ok, so I just wait 75 days and then I can watch the movie I bought? Sounds great!

No idea why all of a sudden this started happening (I didn’t “associate” the computer with a different Apple ID), but apparently this has been a known issue for years, since June 2011.

Google search:

I guess the intent was to prevent piracy ( ) but both in concept and implementation this is a horrific user experience fail. Beyond embarrassing.

Simple solution instead of this malarkey: if you try to play or download something that was purchased with a different Apple ID, you are asked to enter the user name / password for the Apple ID used to purchase the item.

I also just learned this:

“Movies rented on your Apple TV are not transferable to any other device and can only be viewed on your Apple TV.” ( )

Fucked up. I love my Apple TV but honestly this is so absurd that I might ditch it and find an alternative…

It’s funny, I just read this article yesterday:

Maybe I’ve been cursed with the Zeldman Curse?!… NOOOOO!!!…

Poster for “Alien” – Polish version.

[ source: Open the Pod Bay Doors, HAL ]


James Franco to direct film adaptation of Faulkner’s ‘As I Lay Dying’,0,7166487.story

“I want to be loyal to the book — my approach is to always be loyal in a lot a ways — but in order to be loyal I will have to change some things for the movie,” Franco told Entertainment Weekly in 2011. That could be said of any book, but the challenges of translating “As I Lay Dying” for the screen are manifold: 15 characters narrate its 59 chapters, including the dead matriarch.

“You want to capture the tone, but you can’t work in exactly the same way,” Franco explained. “I don’t believe it’ll feel the same if you divide it as rigidly as the book, like titles that say ‘Cash’ and then you’re with Cash. You can slip into the characters’ heads and give them their inner voice for a while, but it has to be more fluid because movies just work differently than books.”

Hard to imagine this working but I think Franco is awesome and brave for attempting it. Excited to see the film.

(Also reminds me that I don’t think I ever finished that book… I have to do that. You know: in all my infinite leisure…)

Has iTunes always had this menu for playing to AppleTV? (If so, I feel stupid…)

This is one of the new features I thought looked really great in Apple’s upcoming OS release Mountain Lion ( ) — but honestly I only see myself using that feature for videos anyway, so iTunes already does what I need. Nice.

(Still don’t get why QuickTime Player doesn’t have the same option, though. Strange… In the meantime, that’s what Air Video is for : Apple should really just buy Air Video and make it part of iOS as well as Mac OS. It is quite possibly the greatest app ever.)
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