Yoda for Pope!!

Allah told them the truth, but not the whole truth… LOL

JC Explains It All For You

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Conventional logic vs religious logic

Yeah pretty much. “Prove” is of course reduced to absurdity, too — it’s pretty easy to “prove” you don’t have a baseball, unless your standard of proof is that you can’t trust your own senses, experiences, or reason. Meaning: nothing is true, and/or everything is true. So complete intellectual anarchy/nihilism. Ummm, nice argument, theists. LOL

Can you PROVE that you exist? Can you PROVE that you have a mind? Can you PROVE I’m not a unicorn?…

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Words of Divine Wisdom from @TheTweetOfGod

Good stuff. : )

Stands to reason.

Stands to reason.

It also pisses me off that they don’t teach my alternative theory for gravity, which is that our souls are metallic and magnetic demons living just below the earth’s crust are trying to suck out our souls and this is why we don’t float into the Sun. This theory has YET TO BE DISPROVEN.

I’m going to write an angry letter to the School Board, City Council, and to my Senator.


“Dad, why did God make people?…”

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