Iraq, 10 years later…

They forgot 4+ million refugees driven out of their own country. And a stronger Iran. And more anti-American sentiment. And, oh that’s right, YOU INVADED A COUNTRY THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH TERRORISM. Oh well. You did your best, George! So much better than this inexperienced Kenyan guy… (Psst… Did you know his middle name is “Hussein”??!!…)

Jimmy Carter on U.S. support for Israel, peace in the Middle East

Ok, the way Jimmy’s disembodied head is sort of floating up there in the corner and seemingly talking to me is slightly silly. (I almost feel compelled to make a Monty-Python-esque animated gif out of it… : )  

Chomsky: “It is not war, it is murder.”

Perspective. #Benghazi #Hypocrites #PartisanHacksWithTheShortTermMemoryOfAFly #p2 #tcot

Not to mention a couple people killed on 9/11/2001 if I recall… in either the biggest intelligence fuckup in history or complete and impeachable incompetence on the part of the Bush administration or a treasonable act of omission in order to create public support for a pre-conceived plan for global dominance (Project For A New American Century, anyone?…) — in either case, then there was that whole thing where W and the GOP decided they didn’t care about Bin Laden anymore and exploited the tragedy of 9/11 by lying about who was responsible and diverted all attention money and resources to launching a pre-emptive and illegal war of choice on a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 or terrorism causing a million+ deaths and 4 million+ displaced refugees. Oh yeah, and putting both wars on the country’s credit card – not only not paying for it, but not even including it in the budget. For 6 years. While giving Billions in tax breaks to rich people who didn’t need them. Remember all those Republicans screaming about the federal budget and the national debt during Bush’s 8 years in office? You don’t? Well, that’s strange. That would almost suggest… that maybe, just maybe, they are willfully-ignorant partisan thugs who put their party ahead of their country? Nah, couldn’t be… Hm, but that would also explain why they didn’t give 2 shits about Bush wiping his ass with the Constitution and eliminating basic human rights and civil liberties, while now they suddenly claim to care deeply and with an almost religious fervor. Hmmm… Interesting… I seem to remember that anyone who tried to speak out against any Republican / Bush Administration policies, foreign or domestic, was immediately silenced, vilified, publicly disgraced, had their character assassinated, their careers ruined, and were labelled traitors who hated America. Hmm… What’s changed?…

This whole manufactured Benghazi “scandal” perfectly encapsulates the absurdity of the GOP. Let me put it this way: if you supported George W Bush, then please do us all a favor and STFU. Otherwise you are clearly an imbecile, a liar, a hypocrite, a mindless partisan hack, or you have the memory of a fly. (Or some combination thereof.)


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