The one person who should definitely NOT use a tablet. Especially a white tablet…

I thought this picture was neat — for about 8 seconds. Then I thought, “whoever’s idea this was has never touched an engine in their life…”

When you come out with a) an oil-and-grease-resistant tablet, or b) a tablet that you can control with your mind — then use the engine mechanic photo.


Windows sort by date modified FAIL.

Ah, Windows. You magnificent bastard.

Ah. Well that explains it.

Windows: click this close button to open

These little alerts are annoying enough as it is — but have you noticed that there is no difference between clicking the alert and clicking the close button on the alert? Why even put a close button on there???

Ah, Windows, you magnificent bastard.

You’re right, WindowsXP, Xcel is the only application I am even considering opening – why bother showing me any others? You know me so well!

Now if only you could also hide half the functions in every menu in Microsoft Word… Oh, wait! Well done again!