So What

David awoke, so he uriated and ate breakfast. Later, because he had eaten breakfast, he would have to excrete. He would also have to eat lunch, since becuase he had eaten breakfast his body would have created energy and waste; and because it had created energy it would have used it.

After breakfast there was no more eating or excreting to do for a while and so David sat, so he watched cartoons so he laughed so he used energy so he ate a pickle. The Smurfs ended so he got his camera so he went outside so he looked for strange things. He walked 12 blocks so his feet hurt so he sat to rest beneath a tree so he saw a dead bird so he took a picture. He walked downtown so he saw a bum.

Since the man was a bum he was sleeping and holding a paper bag so David got a close-up shot so he smelled liquor so he became thirsty so he took the bagged bottle so he walked on so he came to a demolition yard so he entered so he took pictures of demolished things. A bum had been found dead and so the police were called and so one happened to be nearby so the police car passed so the officer saw David so he thought he might be tresspassing so he pulled into the yard. He asked David what he was doing so David said he was taking pictures so the cop asked was he a photographer so David said no so the cop told him to go home so he left so the cop drove away.

David went home and so he went to sleep so he would wake up.


Copyright 2000 by dustin hansen