I appreciate your sympathy
your symphony of misery
free this weed from the
dry white web
hide the carnavel bride
in the funnel with the vaccine
she crawls back inside
the crevasse of moonless tide
my suture
which rises like the pent-up pet serpent
to the top of the tent
feasted on the hope
now bested purges in his hat
injects the vial
the shadows of the trampled
seep soil into the
dreams of the dead
and the lackful past revisits
its hollowbellied hogmother
fasting ever
lasting lessens
foreign job
hung on
hooked dreams
dark eyes
tight dark
visions wither and are gathered to be mourned as
fertilizer for the dead who dance upon the
grave faces of the good hearted slaves who have been robbed
without knowing their own
ever narrowing glassmask walls
rubber teeth grinning in reverse on an endless street
with potholed feet and nothing to eat
until I break down