Dying Day

Canteen full of sand and blood
Stone carcass of rubble where
Maimed wraiths bow in praise of
Dead gods
Battered blackened faces kiss the poisoned

The white crusader kings
Have taken over the palaces
Patrol the streets in tanks and jeeps
We throw stones at them and
They shoot at us but
Drive faster

The prisons have filled up faster than
The water supply has dried up
They said they would destroy our country and then
steal our oil and sell it to rebuild
They have not gotten the oil flowing
The damage simply remains
They, too, must remain until they can
Steal our oil to fix our country
For us

We buried another piece of my sister today
I think it was her
But our souls are buried too
I want to go to the mosque to pray
But the mosque has been bombed into the ground
And the cleric was shot in the face
So I will simply pray here in the hole
With my face in the dirt

I pray they suffocate
Smothered in the stench of the
Death and rot they have created

I have a feeling there will be blood on my hands
But I will wash it off with sand

I will drink their blood and eat
The ashes of their charred corpses
Then vomit it in their faces

I will take their heads until my
Dying day

copyright2005 by Dustin Hansen