New Earth

govern their wombs
silence their voices

bury their tombs
limit their choices

we are the right
call your mother tonight
and tell her you wish you’d
been an abortion

stop screaming
just stop screaming

you will not be heard
you scream into the void

your life has been
a waste of time

you lament
beneath a blanket

you fall from a

your eyes
are eyelids

your mouth
is a wound

speak with your ears
speak with your ears

look up
god looks down on you
smell blood
freedom drowns you

pass over
pass over

you are left behind

you fall through the cracks

you can’t remember who you are

and all the faces look the same

everyone’s a vampire
so stab them in the heart

your world has fallen apart
so just lie down

just lie down

if you don’t starve to death
they will trample and crush you
and then all will be

and so it came to pass
that the mass forgot the words
and the people sacrificed themselves
and the buried rose up
and the world became dirt


copyright2003 by Dustin Hansen