All hail the platypus

Some superb gifts I received from my friend Stormi :

Yes, he really swims!

Next: a platypus designed (apparently) for dogs to chew upon — with eggs inside! (Also chewable!!) (And, of course, “replacement egg babies”!)

Live platypus birth! :

(Sadly, there are not actual little baby platypuses inside the furry eggs.) : |

Fortunately, our dog expressed profound indifference to both the platypus and her furry egg babies. (Fortunate for the DOG, that is — cause platypuses have sharp venomous claws on their feet. Don’t mess with the platypus; you have been warned…)

(Platypuses? … Or “platypi”? … I must research this …)

To Stormi I say: muchas, muchas gracias, lady! You’re the GREATEST!!

(But, then, I should really just shut my bloody trap. Shouldn’t I.)

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