Dream: Shape Shifters Have Taken Over The World

Everyone in the world is dead except for us — a small group of people hiding in one little town. The world is filled with these shape-shifters. They have found us and surrounded the giant house that we’re in. They sometimes look just like regular people, other times like animals, other times they are surreal beings with horrific demon faces…

There’s some kind of key inside this box that they want, also, but apparently they can’t open it — they have to trick us into opening it for them. We’re on this balcony on the second floor, and notice some bowls of food, like taco salad or something, setting on the ledge. Someone I’m with excitedly goes to eat some but I stop him because I notice these thin barely-visible strings coming down from above and attached to the bowls — it’s like some pulley system, so if someone lifts up the bowl the string will lift open the box down below… Also some birds keep coming down to eat the taco salad, and we have to chase them away…

For a long time we’re fighting the shape-shifters off, keeping them out, etc. — and we think we’re going to make it.

Then the reinforcements show up — countless numbers of them, thousands, surrounding the place completely. Helicopters, etc. I and some little midget guy find a hidden tunnel under one side of the house, and we crawl down in there — it’s just a huge cellar, dirt floor, stone walls. We hide in there and peek out at the carnage.

Then we hear a noise and go into the next room — it’s a kind of cell. It’s open (there is no door), but a creature is in there chained to the floor. We’re not sure if it is a human or a shape-shifter, so we leave him there.

That’s all I can remember.

(But, then, I should really just shut my bloody trap. Shouldn’t I.)

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