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#Benghazi hearing proves GOP selective amnesia

See, way back in the foggy mists of 2001, the GOP told us it was treason to ever criticize a president following a terrorist attack. So how is it possible that in 2012 the Democratic president should be impeached for not acting quickly enough when our overseas consulate was attacked, while in 2001, a GOP POTUS who sits numbly in a nursery school classroom as the nation is under attack is somehow more manly than John Wayne freebasing AndroGel?

Well, the brain that accepts this has the attention span like the guy from “Memento.”

But good news, congressional Republicans — Barack Obama has heard your complaints he didn’t do enough when the Benghazi attack was in progress, and now in the event of another terrorist attack, the Secret Service is authorized to give the president a copy of “My Pet Goat.” That’s today’s GOP: Come for the hypocrisy, stay for the misogyny.

GOP strategy. I think at this point the public has caught on though…

Boehner announces GOP Committee Chair recommendations: all white, all male.

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This Is Not The Response Fox News Expected When the Interview Started… Hahaha. #Benghazi

Journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Thomas Ricks was brought on to talk Benghazi. His response caused the interview to be ended immediately.

Contacted about the whole thing, Ricks responded that he’d expected to spend about five minutes on Fox’s air, as opposed to the less-than-two minutes he ended up spending. Here are Ricks’s thoughts on the appearance:

I had told the producer before I went on that I thought the Benghazi story had been hyped. So it should have been no surprise when I said it and the anchor pushed back that I defended my view.

I also have been thinking a lot about George Marshall, the Army chief of staff during World War II, and one of the heroes of my new book. He got his job by speaking truth to power, and I have been thinking that we all could benefit by following his example as much as we can.

After I went off the air I saw some surprised faces in the hallway. One staff person said she thought I had been rude. My feeling was that they asked my opinion and I gave it.…

Obama’s #Thanksgiving Message: Not Enough God for #Crazies at

Happy Thanksgiving from!  According to whom, Obama is a not merely a satanic evil corrupt genocidal marxist muslim Al-Qaeda sleeper, divisive, inept, mean spirited, disingenuous, narcissistic brat — but the fork-tongued DEVIL INCARNATE!!

That’s because Obama is the most EVIL and corrupt President that the United States has ever had…


this is due to his believe in alley or whatever that false prophet’s name is that muslims worship




Haven’t you been listening? This is no longer a country Blessed by God. That ended with the election of a Muslim to the seat of Commander in Chief.

“Whatever we once were, we are no longer just a Christian nation…” – Barack Hussein Obama

“There is no god but Allah” – the engraving on Obama’s “wedding” ring. The same one he has worn on that same finger since his days at Occidental.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Satan himself appears as an angel of light and behind the Obama’s mask lies a heart overflowing with evil, greed, hatred, and genocide.


Obama’s god is Marx


The Usurp is an Al-Qaeda sleeper.


How can a divisive, inept, mean spirited, disingenuous, narcissistic brat thank God when he considers himself to be a god? There is no room within the pea sized obummer brain for anyone or anything else other than the won.


This is proof positive that Obama’s religion is Marxism. Period.


Muslims are just that way


Why would he thank God when he embraces Allah via his wedding band? According to our Commander in Chief, “There is no God but Allah!”


It is because he doesn’t worship the God of the Bible but another god. I would once have said it is the god of the Koran but now I suspect it is the Image of the Beast that greets him in the mirror every morning.


I’d bet that Baracky faced Mecca, knelled, and prayed five times to allah! /Sarc


The pedophile cult of hatred, violence, rape, murder, beheading, enslaving and terrorism. Islam , the Satan worshipers of the world.


He’s a marxist muslim SHILL God plays NO role in this FORKED TONGUED, SNAKE OIL SALESMANS world He’s the DEVIL INCARNATE

These people exist…..

“Barack Hussein Obama is the most dangerous man on the planet” elected by “left wing hate”…

Oh god… How are these people even smart enough to use a computer?… Maybe I need to take a break from the internets for a while. I need to pretend these people don’t exist — for the sake of my own sanity…
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