My favorite Bible story finally illustrated for children! #ReligionIsFun;KJV

[ image source: Iranian Atheist/Agnostic Movement :… ]

If you want a good laugh, read Christian apologists try to explain who Cain’s wife was.

(Short version: He didn’t necessarily marry his mom, so it’s no problem. Adam lived to be 930 years old and they had lots of children [33 sons & 23 daughters] so Cain either married a sister or a niece [not clear how the niece thing helps since the niece would have been the product of a brother and sister marriage], but that was ok then and it’s only later because of genetic defects caused by sin and God’s curse that incest is now problematic.)


Whew! So relieved I don’t have to believe that we are descended from ape people. Gross.

10 Reasons to Ban Gay Marriage

Jesus was NOT a zombie. (He was a lich.)

Jurassic Lord T-Shirt. #want : )



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